Additional Benefits to Your Next Vehicle

When you are considering purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, this is considered the 2nd biggest investment in a lifetime. At Wolf Auto in our Business and Finance Office, we can help make the hard choices that come along with purchasing, easy for you. Why not be informed in advance of some ways to Protect Your Investment? We are happy to provide further assistance regarding any of our Products. We are here to help with any claims made and any questions you might need answers to. We strive to make your experience exceed your expectations and tailored to your own driving needs. Please contact us anytime to discuss which plan has the most benefit for you.

We truly believe that all of our customers will save money and have peace of mind with an Extended Service Plan, in the event of a mechanical breakdown for any type of vehicle. Our customers have been able to file a claim and avoid an unexpected costly repair out of pocket. The labor and parts are covered with our Plans as well as roadside assistance to make unplanned delays easier to handle. Transferable and extendable at the end of your term, the Extended Service Plan is fast becoming a Driver's Necessity.

Another beneficial product we recommend and offer here at Wolf Auto to our finance customers is MasterTech™ Debt Protection Program, otherwise known as GAP. This product will cover, in the event of a total loss of your vehicle, the difference between what your insurance company pays you and the amount owed to your financial institution. What is the benefit to you?  MasterTech™ Debt Protection Program will cover your out of pocket burden of paying off your vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Wolf Auto also offers products to protect the appearance of your vehicle with Paintless Dent Repair, for those eye sore dings and dents from the parking lot. Windshield Protection to repair or replace starred or cracked windshields. Tire Hazard Program to protect you from the out of pocket cost from accidental tire and wheel damage against road surface debris such as glass, nails, potholes, or rocks. Key Replacement, many people don’t realize the huge cost of replacing a key and remote for their new vehicle, why pay out of pocket when one gets lost or destroyed? Cover the appearance of your vehicle as well as greatly increasing the resale value of your vehicle when it is time to trade.

Watch MasterTech™ Road Hazard Protection Program video below:

Please contact us anytime to discuss and tailor a plan that benefits you and covers your driving habits the best.