2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Ford Flex

2020 Ford Explorer exterior front fascia driver side on docks vs 2019 Ford Flex exterior back fascia passenger side on town road

The 2020 Ford Explorer and 2019 Ford Flex both have plenty of features, space, and power. But which one is the right model for you? We tackle this question for you here at Wolf Auto Center. So, let’s get started. Should you get the Explorer, or the Flex? To begin, if you are looking for a sizable, spacious interior, both are actually great models to look at. While the Explorer does have a bit more cargo space, the Flex has the advantage of a boxier style. This means you can easily pack more awkward and large items in the SUV, such as bikes, mini fridges, mattresses, boxes, and more. So, if you frequently find yourself needing that extra bit of roof height the box-style body design provides, you might want to check out the Flex.

The 2020 Ford Explorer still offers 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space, so if you’re simply looking for a large vehicle that still holds plenty of space, the Explorer is a solid choice.

2020 Ford Explorer


2019 Ford Flex

400 hp & 415 lb.-ft. Max Horsepower & Torque 365 hp & 350 lb.-ft.
87.8 cu. ft. Max Cargo Space 83.2 cu. ft.
7 Seating Capacity 7
4 Trims 3

Advantages of the 2020 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer generates 400 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque. So, if you are looking for a model with plenty of power, the Explorer is a great option. The 2019 Flex still has plenty of power with its 365 hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. So, both models are powerful, spacious, and reliable. They also both have a 7-person seating capacity, though the Explorer is the one who has more trim options. You can choose between the XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum.

Come on over to Wolf Auto Center to find your future vehicle. We have plenty of Ford models, including the Ford Explorer. You can take these models for a test drive to see which one you are most interested in. So, if you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with your friendly Wolf Auto Center. We would love to tell you more!