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Chevy & Buick Interior Cleaning & Sanitation Kimball, NE

With the ongong COVID-19 outbreak, drivers are taking special care to make sure that their vehicle is clean and germ-free. Many drivers now carry a box of wet wipes to wipe down the steering wheel more frequently, and a little bottle of hand sanitizer is kept in the center cup holder for whenever drivers finish filling up their vehicle at the local gas station. 

While doing a basic wipedown of the steering wheel is pretty easy, we want to let you know that we are here to help take care of the deep cleaning to make sure everything has been sanitized. Here at Wolf Auto Center, we love helping you take care of your Chevy or Buick vehicle and want to make sure that you enjoy a safe and healthy ride. When you bring your Chevy or Buick model to us, our service technicians can do a deep clean with a special focus on hard-to-reach spots that get a lot of dirt and dust build-up. While your basic wet wipes will be fine on your steering wheel, we use specialized cleaners that are effective, yet gentle on the various surface materials in your chosen Chevy or Buick vehicle. And while they are cleaning, our service technicians can inspect your vehicle to ensure that you continue to enjoy a safe and dependable ride. 

Come to Wolf Auto Center for All Your Chevy and Buick Maintenance Needs! 

Our in-house service center specializes in Chevy and Buick service so that you can get high-quality care and the correct auto parts for repairs or replacements. In addition to cleaning services, the Wolf Auto Center offers other maintenance services such as specialty seasonal maintenance, brake replacements, battery testing, oil changes, various tire services, electrical work, exhaust and muffler repairs, engine work, and so much more! As your Chevy or Buick vehicle ages and gets more miles on it, our technicians can offer additional guidance on how to keep it healthy and dependable for as long as possible. To learn more, please contact us today! Thanks and we look forward to helping you keep your Chevy or Buick vehicle happy and healthy! 







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