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Chevy & Buick Vehicle Spring Season Preparation Maintenance Kimball, NE

"Like a gigantic meadow spreads
The prairie wide and green
And here and there the violets
Add a purple sheen.
The air is fresh and balmy and
Little breezes sing,
In the Spring

In the hush of early morn,
When the dew is on the grass
And bright hued clouds go sailing by,
As night-time shadows pass,
The world is full of music,
For the meadow larks sing,
In the Spring."
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

No truer words have ever been written about the spring season. While Laura Ingalls Wilder was referring to the prairies of the Kansas and Dakota territories, her poem resonates with us here on the prairies of Nebraska when everything is in bloom. The spring season usually means more road trips, whether it is to explore a new faraway place or just heading to the local garden center in town. Unlike Laura Ingalls Wilder who traveled in a covered wagon, we rely on our Chevy or Buick vehicle to get us where we need to go.

With the fickle weather and temperatures that can change at a moment's notice, you want to make sure that your Chevy or Buick vehicle stays reliable. This is where we come in. Here at Wolf Auto Center have an in-house service center that can help you get your vehicle ready for the spring season. Our technicians are specially trained to know the ins and outs of the many Chevy and Buick vehicles on the road so that they can provide you with fast and high-quality care and maintenance. When the spring season rolls around, we see an increase in certain maintenance tasks including oil changes, battery requests, cleaning the cabin air filters, checking the tires, and undercarriage inspections.

In addition to offering high-quality maintenance for your Chevy or Buick vehicle, we carry a wide selection of GM-certified parts that were specially designed to fit your chosen model. We like to make things easy and stress-free by doing the shopping and installation for you so that you can enjoy the spring season even more. 

To learn more about getting your Chevy or Buick vehicle ready for spring, please reach out to us today! 







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