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Chevy Truck and SUV Preparation for Agricultural Work Kimball, NE

Being part of the Great Plains, Nebraska has a strong history in farming and agriculture. While many of our local farmers rely on large farm equipment like John Deere tractors, combines, and harvesters when they are out in the fields, it certainly helps to have a strong automotive vehicle for other tasks around the farm or when taking care of business in town. That is why many of our customers choose a Chevy Silverado or Suburban. These vehicles offer plenty of cargo space for hauling tools, feed, and tack – and they have the power to pull heavy loads ranging from market-ready steers to big bales of hay. 

While our customers are always eager to use their new Chevy truck or SUV right away, it helps to have it properly prepared before doing any heavy work. This includes having the vehicle conditioned before towing heavy loads (this entails driving it for the recommended 3-months/3,000-miles and performing an oil change), adding extra cargo-hauling or towing packages, or even switching out the tires for a more heavy-duty set if you plan to get off the paved road and onto the freshly-tilled fields. 

Here at Wolf Auto Center, in addition to selling you your perfect Chevy truck or SUV for the farm, we are here to help you get it ready to work hard. Our technicians are specially trained to know the architecture and personality of the trucks and SUVs from Chevrolet and other vehicles from General Motors. Many of our technicians have roots in farming and are more than happy to ensure that your vehicle is ready to help you with your agricultural needs 

We also carry an extensive selection of GM-certified parts that are specially made to fit your Chevy vehicle, and there are specialty parts available for heavy-duty work and performance. 

To get your Chevy truck or SUV ready for your agricultural needs, please contact us and schedule a service appointment today! 



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