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Ford F-Series Truck Preparation for Agricultural Work Ogallala, NE

Ford trucks were built with the American farmer and rancher in mind. The King Ranch models of the Ford F-Series were named in honor of the world-renowned King Ranch down in Texas, after all! Even here in Nebraska, which is one of the quintessential breadbasket states, it is imperative that we have a truck that will help us work hard no matter if we are hauling hay, heading to town to get supplies, or bringing our kids' grand champion-worthy steers to the county fair. And the Ford F-Series pickup trucks are the perfect tool to help us get the job done! 

Now we totally understand that you are eager to use your new Ford truck right way to help you with heavy hauling, but it is imperative that your truck has a little time to "break in" before you start demanding heavy work from it. Look at it this way: you see your wife wearing a new pair of shoes around the house so that she does not get blisters or sores when she decides to wear them when she goes to town. The same thing can be said for your new Ford truck, except instead of blisters, you could risk breaking something and have an expensive repair if your truck isn't ready for heavy hauling.

This is where we come in. Here at Wolf Auto Center, in addition to selling you your perfect Ford F-Series truck for your farm or ranch, we are here to help you get it ready to work hard. Our technicians are extremely familiar with Ford trucks, and many of our guys at our dealership and service center can proudly say that they come from a farming heritage. This means that we are here to help your Ford truck get ready for your agricultural needs 

In addition to our new Ford trucks and high-quality service, we carry an extensive selection of Ford-certified parts that are specially made to fit your Ford vehicle, and there are specialty parts available that will make heavy-duty work easy. 

To get your Ford F-Series truck ready for your agricultural needs, please contact us and schedule a service appointment today! 



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